Referral Process

WFC clients may be referred from different sources:

  • Offenders might be referred prior to their release from custody
  • Community CSNSW staff may refer an offender as part of their case-plan and/or for help with reintegration or other issues that are causing problems in their life
  • Offenders might be referred from the Statewide Disability Service for assessment

CSNSW staff wanting to refer to the WFC should complete the offender-referral form here. Referral forms can be sent to the WFC at with attention to the Director Anita McGregor or handed in hard copy to the WFC within City DO.

Once a referral is received, the WFC Director or Senior Supervisor will allocate an Intern Psychologist(s) to the offender. Intern psychologists will need to access to the offenders CSNSW file to undertake a file review. Before meeting the offender, the Intern Psychologist will consult with the Community Corrections Officer (CCO) about the offender's circumstances, difficulties or other relevant information. The Intern Psychologist will then develop a case-conceptualization and plan for the first session. After this, the CCO and Intern Psychologist work together to identify an appropriate time for the Intern Psychologist to introduce themselves, typically the offender's next report date. The diagram below displays the WFC referral process:

  Referral Process  

Even though offenders might be advised to attend the Wentworth Forensic Clinic by their Community Corrections Officer, their participation is voluntary. WFC staff will not conduct an assessment or intervention without an offender's consent. This also means the offender will have the right to stop seeing the service at any time though there can be legal or other consequences for doing so. Offenders should talk with their Community Corrections Officers or legal representative beforehand.