Each year the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program provides research placements to interns as part of their 1000 hours of supervised practice. There are two ‘blocks’ of placement; the first from approximately April to end of July and the second from August to the end of November of each year. The number of hours of placement (between 250 and 350 hours) must be completed within the timeframe (two days minimum placement days per week).

In order to apply for an Intern to aid you in your research, your project must be forensic in nature, recognized by a university or other funding body and be within the Sydney NSW area. Last year we had numerous applications for placement; please ensure that you clearly identify and explain your project as we ask Intern to choose and prioritize their choices.

You will note in the application form that higher education placement require accredited supervisors; if you are not yet an accredited supervisor for these types of placements, please note this as one of our supervising staff will need to act as secondary supervisors and are limited in their capacity to provide this service. In this arrangement, Interns must provide weekly logs to the secondary supervisor by email and will be available for consultation to the primary supervisor. Preference in placements will go to those supervisors who are accredited.

The deadline for applications is Friday, February 20, 2015 at 5pm; please complete the attached application form and forward to by the deadline. Interns will begin contacting supervisors by mid March for an early April start (for Block 1 placements) and to arrange for later starts as well (i.e., for Block 2).