Our Team

Anita McGregor, Clinic Director, heads the staff team that includes endorsed forensic psychologists and a forensic psychology registrar.

The endorsed team members are all accredited as supervisors by AHPRA and the forensic psychology registrar is a registered psychologist working towards endorsement by AHPRA.

Intern staff are enrolled in the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW and are registered as provisional psychologists with AHPRA.

Anita McGregor Anita McGregor
WFC Director


Anita was trained as a clinical psychologist at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary and practiced in Canada, both in private and public practice as a forensic psychologist. She has been in practice since 1990, and has provided assessment and treatment, conducted training and provided supervision to many training psychologists.

Since coming to Sydney in 2006, Anita has continued has been involved in developing the clinical curriculum of the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW. Teaching and coordinating the clinical training of the graduate students in the program has included training, supervision, as well as developing and co-ordinating placements. Anita is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist and Member of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists.

Professor Richard Kemp Professor Richard Kemp
WFC Research Director


Richard's areas of research include forensic and legal psychology, eyewitness evidence, especially identification evidence. In addition, Richard's research has focussed on Policing and Police interviewing, applied cognitive psychology and applied perception. Richard is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist.

Dr Kristy Martire Dr Kristy Martire
UNSW Forensic Researc

Kristy Martire is an Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology at UNSW. Kristy's research and publications focus on social justice matters and covers the impacts of expert evidence in the criminal justice system; financial strain and the transition from prison; substance use and reintegration; substance use treatment within the criminal justice system; and court diversion programs for substance using offenders. She is a Chief investigator on an NH&MRC funded large scale randomised control trial of financial counselling as an intervention for smoking in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

Kristy is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist and Member of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists. She is a member of the NSW Forensic College State Committee as well as the UNSW Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Group.

Delphine Bostock

Dr Minh Nguyen-Hoan
WFC Supervising Psychologist


Minh is a forensic psychologist providing treatment and assessment for clients, as well as mentoring for intern psychologists. Minh also contributes to the organisation, management and supervision of research projects at the Clinic and with intern research placements. In his private practice, Minh specialises in working with people who are dealing with mental health issues, addiction, or relationship problems. He also has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and their families. Minh completed his PhD in psychology at UNSW and is a graduate of the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW.

Anna Robilliard Caroline
WFC Supervising Psychologist

Caroline studied in the UK, completing an Honours degree in Psychology at the University of Stirling in Scotland, and a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology at the University of Kent in England. She worked for Her Majesty's Prison Service in England for almost a decade in a range of settings, specialising particularly in offending behaviour program development, training, delivery and quality assurance, and assessment and treatment of violent and sexual offenders.

Since arriving in Australia in 2012, Caroline has worked as an independent forensic psychologist in private practice, undertaking assessments and treatment with offenders, and presenting evidence in various settings, including Local, District, and Supreme Courts and civil settings in NSW. Caroline also undertakes teaching and supervision, and she brings these skills to the WFC.

Carollyne Youssef Carollyne
WFC Supervising Psychologist

Carol is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist, a Board-approved general and forensic supervisor and provides supervision to provisional as well as registered psychologists. Carol is a PhD candidate, examining the reintegration and desistance process for released high risk sexual offenders and the role of community maintenance programs in that process. She has also published papers on this topic.

Carol has worked with a diverse range of male and female forensic clients, and has worked extensively with those under the High-Risk Offenders (HRO) Act, specialising in sexual and violent offending behaviour and reintegration. She has wide-ranging experience in; conducting assessments; writing court reports and giving evidence; provision of group-based and individual treatment; in addition to addressing a range of other issues such as mental health, addictions, interpersonal functioning, trauma, and reintegration.

Carol also works with couples as well as families, for a holistic approach. Carol has experience working with children with autism spectrum disorder, adolescents with behavioural difficulties and substance addictions and with patients on the schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders. Carol's work is informed by attachment theory and utilises a positive psychology approach, with a focus on being collaborative and empathic and maximising on people's potential.

Carol is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the College of Forensic Psychologists. She has numerous affiliations and memberships with other international forensic psychology societies and associations.