Our Team

Our team of intern psychologists are under the clinical supervision of the Clinic Director, Anita McGregor, and the senior Supervising Psychologist, Kevin O'Sullivan. Additionally, other university-affiliated senior psychologists provide supervision and support to provisional psychologists when needed. Provisional psychologists of the WFC are in their 5th or 6th year of the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW and are undertaking a placement in the clinic toward this degree. The program has an emphasis on a broad range of cognitive behavioural and related approaches to understanding and managing forensic-related psychological problems. All psychologists at the WFC are registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency) as accredited supervisors and registered psychologists. Provisional Psychologists hold registration with AHPRA and are indemnified through UNSW.

Anita McGregor Anita McGregor
WFC Director


Anita was trained at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary and practiced in Canada as a clinical and forensic psychologist, both in private and public practice. She has been in private practice since 1995 working with couples and individuals, conducting risk assessments and providing training for a variety of organizations including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Alberta Child Welfare. She worked for over a decade as the primary psychologist in southern Alberta Parole office for Correctional Services of Canada where she specialized in the assessment and treatment of violent offenders.

Since coming to Sydney in 2006, Anita has continued working in private practice and has primarily been involved in developing the clinical curriculum of the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW. Teaching and coordinating the clinical training of the graduate students in the program has included training, supervision as well as developing and co-ordinating clinical placements.

Kevin O'Sullivan Kevin O'Sullivan
WFC Supervising Psychologist


Kevin has been a clinical and forensic psychologist for nearly twenty-two years. He trained in the UK and came to Australia in 1994 to set up a program for violent offenders at Long Bay, the forerunner of the Violent Offenders Therapeutic Program. He moved into private practice in Sydney working with various groups including victims of crime and asylum seekers as well as mental health referrals from general practitioners. He was a guest lecturer at the University of Western Sydney teaching group work, an area of particular interest and, for a year, was Visiting Clinical Psychologist at Villawood Detention Centre.

Kevin returned to Corrective Services NSW in 2004 to oversee the introduction of evidence-based rehabilitation programs in custody and probation and parole and until earlier this year he was Director of the Offender Programs Unit. For several years he has also worked one day a week at a bulk-billing psychology practice in Redfern.

As a therapist, Kevin describes his work as being informed by a narrative therapy approach. The therapy work focuses on the positive outcomes the client wishes to achieve rather than the older, unhelpful patterns of self-talk and behaviour. As a researcher, Kevin is enrolled as a PhD candidate in the UNSW School of Psychology examining desistance from crime and its relation to self-view.

Professionally, Kevin is a Member of the APS Colleges of Clinical Psychologists and of Forensic Psychologists. He is a Committee member of the NSW Section of the Clinical College with responsibility for continuing professional development events. He is also a member of the Institute of Group Leaders and of the Association for Specialists in Group Work.

Professor Richard Kemp Professor Richard Kemp
WFC Research Director


Richard's areas of research include forensic and legal psychology, eyewitness evidence, especially identification evidence. In addition, Richard's research has focussed on Policing and Police interviewing, applied cognitive psychology and applied perception.

Dr Kristy Martire Dr Kristy Martire
UNSW Forensic Researc

Kristy Martire is a Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at UNSW. Kristy's research and publications focus on social justice matters and covers the impacts of expert evidence in the criminal justice system; financial strain and the transition from prison; substance use and reintegration; substance use treatment within the criminal justice system; and court diversion programs for substance using offenders. She is a Chief investigator on an NH&MRC funded large scale randomised control trial of financial counselling as an intervention for smoking in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

Kristy is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist and Member of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists. She is a member of the NSW Forensic College State Committee as well as the UNSW Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Group.

Delphine Bostock

Delphine Bostock
WFC Supervising Psychologist


Delphine graduated from the Forensic Master of Psychology program at UNSW. She has worked in a variety of research, clinical and forensic contexts. As a research psychologist, she was involved in a project that explored best practice treatment for comorbid trauma and alcohol abuse. Delphine also worked in a psychiatric hospital with people with mood and substance abuse disorders, as well as running a posttraumatic stress disorder group.

More recently, Delphine worked with Corrective Services NSW in the community-based sex offender program conducting risk assessments and treatment. She is now in private practice.

Delphine is an endorsed Forensic Psychologist, member of the Australian Psychological Society and College of Forensic Psychologists, and listed as an accredited professional by the Office of the Guardian of Children to work with people who sexually offend against children.

Anna Robilliard Anna Robilliard
WFC Supervising Psychologist

• Member of the Australian Psychological Society
• Member of the Forensic College and accredited supervisor.
• Member of the Australia New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law.
• Registered Psychologist PS 0017658

Anna has over 35 years professional experience in Psychology, having graduated in Western Australia in 1976. After working in student counselling at the Western Australian Institute of Technology she came to NSW and completed her internship in the psychiatric unit at Hornsby Hospital where she was responsible for a group of young people with serious mental illness and substance abuse problems. In 1979 Anna moved to the UK to attend the Tavistock Clinic in London where she studied family therapy part time. Simultaneously Anna lectured in psychology at the Cheltenham Polytechnic and worked for Gloucestershire Area Health Service. In 1980-81 Anna was employed at the Wessex Unit for Children and Parents, working with challenging and disturbed behaviour within families and individual children.

On returning to Australia Anna joined Relationships Australia where she underwent training and rigorous supervision in relationship counselling as well as maintaining a private practice. 1986 was the beginning of her association with forensic psychology through Hahn and Associates and with Anita Duffy and Katherine Barrier who later became partners in Duffy Barrier Robilliard. At this time she became a foundation member of the Forensic College of the Australian Psychological Society. In 2007 Anna took time out to train in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy. In 2012/13 she undertook a post graduate diploma in Developmental Trauma.

For over ten years she has been a clinical associate of the University of New South Wales training forensic Masters students and currently works part time teaching assessment, at the Wentworth Clinic which is a joint initiative of CSNSW and UNSW. She has a passionate interest in training, supporting and assisting young colleagues.

Anna continues to prepare forensic reports for all jurisdictions. Her current special interests are assessment and management of indigenous offenders in urban and regional settings, the neurobiology and treatment of developmental trauma, chronic institutionalisation, personality disorders, forensic matters and ageing, and post release management. She currently serves on two Boards: Rainbow Lodge, a CSNSW supported accommodation for men released from custody and Gamarada, an Indigenous Healing and Life Training program based in Redfern.